Thursday, November 5, 2009

The College Esssay


As many seniors are preparing their college essay please be sure to use your English teacher as a resource through the process. The Guidance Department is also here for ideas and advice throughout the process. The following are some ideas when writing your essay:

• Respond to the question asked!

• Be specific!

• Pick subjects that highlight your personality.

• Be yourself!

• Write about a familiar idea or subject!

• Admissions officers look for “passion” when reading essays

• Avoid the ‘laundry list’ of accomplishments!

• Have your English teacher read your essay

Please click here for some tips from actual admissions reps on, “What should students never write in their essay”.

The BHS Guidance Department does not necessarily support all the viewpoints from the Washington Post, but we certainly feel that the Post ( along with many other sources of information) serves as a resource for students that are looking to gather information to make a decision on the college process. As always please feel free to contact your Guidance Counselor with any questions.

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