Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 BHS Program of Studies Finalized

The 2011 Program of Studies has now been finalized. On the right hand side you will notice three different formats for the on-line BHS Program of Studies. Students and parents are reminded that the Program of Studies will only be available on-line. We have listed some notable changes to the 2011 Program below:

New courses:

Advanced Placement Studio Art- Grade 12

Advanced Placement Statistics- Grade 12

Spanish for Health Care Careers- Grade 11 and 12, and two years of Spanish

Introduction to Health Occupations- Seniors and juniors (space permitting)

Italian IV- This course already exits; we are just adding a level

Other Changes:

Change of senior health requirement:
Seniors are required to enroll in one of the following courses. Each course meets the BHS Senior Health Graduation Requirement:
                                    Introduction to Sports Medicine
                                    Introduction to Health Occupations
                                    Senior Wellness

AP Program Change for seniors ONLY:
Seniors are allowed to enroll in 29.5 credits, if enrolled in two or more AP courses.

The following change applies to the INCOMING Freshman class (class of 2015).
The below chart is the new weighting system used for BHS courses.

Mark                  AP                         Honors                          CP I & CP II

A or A +           5.0                           4.5                               4.0

A-                     4.7                           4.2                               3.7

B+                    4.3                           3.8                               3.3

B                      4.0                           3.5                               3.0

B -                    3.7                           3.2                               2.7

C+                    3.3                           2.8                               2.3

C                      3.0                           2.5                               2.0

C-                     2.7                           2.2                               1.7

D+                    2.3                           1.8                                1.3

D                      2.0                           1.5                                1.0

D-                     1.7                           1.2                                0.7

F                       0.0                           0.0                                0.0

New Facebook Application for the College Admissions Process

Facebook is jumping into the college search and selection process. Since most BHS students and parents have facebook accounts, we recommend taking a look at this new feature. Please click here for access to the article discussing the rationale for creating this new feature. Also please click here for the “Admission Splash” feature on facebook. Although we utilize Naviance for the college search and selection process, we recommend trying other college searches on a variety of web-sites ( some are on the right side of this blog under "College Planning Resources").

Monday, February 7, 2011

PSAT Breakfast

The Fourth Guidance Breakfast turned out to be a very informative session for those parents that attended. Please see the PowerPoint below for the information that was presented. If you have any questions in regard to interpreting PSAT results please do not hesitate to contact your son or daughters respective guidance counselor. Also please mark your calendar for the next Guidance Breakfast. It will be held on March 2, 2011 and the topic covered will be the course selections process. Again feel free to RSVP at 781-270-1780. Thanks

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reminder for Tonight 2/3/2011

Just a reminder that tonight the Guidance Department will host an event called "Smart Buys in Education". Mark Montgomery presented last year and gave BHS parents some very useful, relevent and current information. We are glad to see him back in Burlington this year.

Below are event details.

Thursday February 3, 2011 Smart Buys in Education ( Click Here )

6:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M - Families can learn how to get the most out of their higher education dollars.

Location : BHS Auditorium

For parents of students in grades 8 through 11.

No RSVP Necessary

Hosted by Mark Montgomery, Independent College Consultant