Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 BHS Program of Studies Finalized

The 2011 Program of Studies has now been finalized. On the right hand side you will notice three different formats for the on-line BHS Program of Studies. Students and parents are reminded that the Program of Studies will only be available on-line. We have listed some notable changes to the 2011 Program below:

New courses:

Advanced Placement Studio Art- Grade 12

Advanced Placement Statistics- Grade 12

Spanish for Health Care Careers- Grade 11 and 12, and two years of Spanish

Introduction to Health Occupations- Seniors and juniors (space permitting)

Italian IV- This course already exits; we are just adding a level

Other Changes:

Change of senior health requirement:
Seniors are required to enroll in one of the following courses. Each course meets the BHS Senior Health Graduation Requirement:
                                    Introduction to Sports Medicine
                                    Introduction to Health Occupations
                                    Senior Wellness

AP Program Change for seniors ONLY:
Seniors are allowed to enroll in 29.5 credits, if enrolled in two or more AP courses.

The following change applies to the INCOMING Freshman class (class of 2015).
The below chart is the new weighting system used for BHS courses.

Mark                  AP                         Honors                          CP I & CP II

A or A +           5.0                           4.5                               4.0

A-                     4.7                           4.2                               3.7

B+                    4.3                           3.8                               3.3

B                      4.0                           3.5                               3.0

B -                    3.7                           3.2                               2.7

C+                    3.3                           2.8                               2.3

C                      3.0                           2.5                               2.0

C-                     2.7                           2.2                               1.7

D+                    2.3                           1.8                                1.3

D                      2.0                           1.5                                1.0

D-                     1.7                           1.2                                0.7

F                       0.0                           0.0                                0.0

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