Monday, March 5, 2012

BC Splash Registration Now Open

BCSplash is a rare opportunity both for college and high school students. BC undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to share and showcase their passion for education in a classroom setting while high school students are immersed in the college environment for a whole day. They have the chance to explore the campus, network with undergraduates, and take classes in a wide variety of subjects. Classes from last semester’s course catalog include:
·  “Sandbox Science: Building Rivers”
·  “Lightning and Levitation: Visualizing Electricity and Magnetism”
·  “Medical Sciences of House M.D.”
·  “Fun with Liquid Nitrogen”
·  “Political Structures in the World of Harry Potter”
·  “Dimensionality and the Shape of the Universe”
·  “How to Avoid Awkwardness”

BC Splash aims to ignite a passion for learning and knowledge that is often lost in the high school classroom environment. After taking Splash classes, it is our hope that students begin exploring the subjects that interest them most at a deeper level and consider seriously the possibility of moving on to higher education.

Please click here for registration Information. If you want to be added to our email list to receive more information and updates about Splash email us at Also feel free to contact us with any questions through email or phone at 617-297-7524

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