Friday, June 8, 2012

Advice to the 8th Grade

The Guidance Department asked freshmen to give advice to the incoming eighth graders.  Here are some of their suggestions for the Class of 2016.

Academic advice:
Don't think that freshman year is easy.
Study really hard and don't mess around because you will miss something important.
Don't give up.
Be ready to work harder than you're probably used to.
Take classes and studying really seriously.
Choose an elective that interests you.
Prepare yourself for the classes you chose. Start preparing during the summer.
Be prepared for a lot of homework and projects - and do it!
Don't play games on your iPad during class. You won't learn!
Always do your homework because a wrong answer is better than nothing.
Do your work and stay on task.
Stay organized.
Prepare in advance for tests and quizzes.
Always try your best!
Good luck with your classes!  Study hard.

Be open and out-going because mostly everyone at BHS is friendly.
Join lots of activities.
Don't be overwhelmed. It's not that different.
Don't worry too much about getting lost and not finding your class.
It's not as bad as everyone says it is.
Make close friends with the people here and BHS will be great.
Do sports. (Lots of kids recommended)
Visit the high school over the summer.
Join the band.
Participate in school events.
Enjoy it!

Three great quotes:
Come in with an open mind about everything and not listen to the experiences that other people had.

Work really hard at anything you do in high school and you will be successful and do great in high school!

Don't be scared.  It is a great experience. Just work hard and you'll be just fine.

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