Friday, June 6, 2014

Annual Advice for Incoming 9th Graders

Each spring, the Guidance Department asks the current freshmen for advice for incoming freshmen.  Here are some of the things the current 9th graders like best about BHS, as well as suggestions they have for future students to make their first year at BHS both productive and fun.

Advice for the 8th Grade:

Get involved in sports and clubs to make a lot of friends.*
Always get your homework done or you won't understand.*
Don't stress out about coming to high school too much!  It's not that bad and it goes by quick!
Be involved in different clubs and sports, like Science Olympiad and track.
Stay on task.
Talk to more people.
Be yourself, have fun and take your grades seriously.
Don't stress out. It's not bad.
Don't do anything really stupid.
Visit the school this summer to find your classes.
Don't be afraid to take honors English.
Don't procrastinate.
Pack your backpack with only the things you need.
It's normal to ask teachers for extra help.
Freshman year counts!
If you need help, go to a teacher.
Do not skip an assignment or a class and you'll do great.
Don't be so worried about "honors" or anything like that, because it's not as scary as people make it
    out to be.
Have fun !! but still focus on school.
Grow up and buckle down.
Make upperclassman friends. Older friends are the best.
You have to work extremely hard and put in much more effort than you did at MSMS.
Pay attention in class.
Don't randomly stop in the hallway.
ALWAYS study for tests and quizzes.
Use your iPad wisely.
There is no pool on the third floor.
Do what your (sic) told.
Plan ahead.
Don't be shy and don't be annoying.
Be yourself and always try your best.
You gotta study for every single test.  You'll regret every second of not studying when you get your
Become more mature. People don't hold your hand anymore. There is more independence.
High school isn't harder. It's just different.
Don't be scared, just jump in and before you know it you'll love it.

*A lot of students recommended these two tips in particular:  get involved, do your homework.

We look forward to welcoming you to BHS in the fall. Have a safe and happy summer!

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