Friday, June 12, 2015

Annual Advice to the 8th Grade

Each year, we ask the current grade nine students to give advice to the incoming eighth grade class.

Here are some tips and words of encouragement from the class of 2018 to the class of 2019. We look forward to welcoming our incoming freshmen in the fall!

Set a specific goal for yourself, and try to live up to it.
Have fun, don't get too stressed out, but take your classes seriously.
Try your hardest, because freshman year counts.
Keep your notes and homework organized.
Don't overload your backpack or your back will break.
Work hard and make sure you have a good balance between working and relaxing.
If you need help, don't be afraid to ask someone.
Be yourself.
Say organized! Keep folders (physical and electronic).
Don't be nervous because the high school is much better than middle school.
Take an elective you're interested in. Don't take it because your friends are taking it.
Don't get too distracted by the iPads!
Do extracurricular activities. They are so much fun.
Make a lot of friends and be nice to people.
Always keep up with your work and listen to your teachers.
Use your study time wisely.
Don't slack or try to wing a test or quiz. You have to earn your grades.
Don't think too hard; just do your homework and spend a little time studying. It goes a long way.
Pay attention to homework, don't get overwhelmed; it's easy freshman year.
Be prepared to work hard and enjoy the year.
Don't give up on yourself and start and end the year with a a positive attitude and straight As.

And our favorite:  All the teachers are awesome and people here are great.

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