Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Advice for the Class of '22

Each year during the counselor visit to Marshall Simonds, we like to share advice for the incoming freshman class from the current freshman class. As always, the freshmen who've made the transition have great advice for their younger peers.

Just be you.

Participate as much as you can, and work hard because it counts.

Don't spread yourself too thin. Try to do as much as possible but also make sure you have some time for yourself.

Make friends with the upperclassmen.

Be confident; speak up!

Pay attention and take good notes.

Don't stress out.

Stay in your own lane and focus on yourself rather than doing what is "popular."

Do all of your homework and classwork (it actually affects your grade).

Always be nice to everyone.

Come in a couple of times during the summer to walk around the building.

Stay organized.

Make sure you are taking the right classes based on your academic abilities.

Get involved and make the most of it because really does go by fast.

Always read the books assigned in English.

Don't be afraid to participate by talking.

School is your number one priority but also get involved.

Manage time between after school activities and homework.

Take responsibility for your own grades.

Always make free time to do what you like and explore.

If you need help, ask a teacher or staff member. They are all nice and helpful.

Follow the teacher's directions.

Keep close to your friends because they will help you through.

It's OK to be yourself.

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