Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Naviance Introduced to Freshman

The Naviance Program is a college and career software program that was introduced to all grade 9 students on Monday 1/28/2013. This software program is critical to the BHS Guidance Developmental Model. Not only can students conduct college and career research, they can track graduation requirements, complete a personality assessment to identify possible careers, complete a four year plan, find out information about volunteer work, and connect with their guidance counselor via e-mail.

As part of the first step of using the Naviance program we are requiring ALL freshmen to complete the “BHS Class of 2016- Freshman Survey” which can be accessed using the Naviance program. The Guidance Department asks parents to encourage their son or daughter to complete the registration and survey ASAP. Again the name of the survey is  the “BHS Class of 2016- Freshman Survey”  and can be found under the “about me” tab on your son or daughters Naviance Homepage. The information gathered will help the BHS Guidance Department gain valuable information and help us improve our Guidance service

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