Thursday, January 31, 2013

PLAN Test Registration Deadline

The PLAN, a practice test for the ACTs, will be offered to any interested freshmen or sophomores on Saturday March 9 at Burlington High School. This test is recommended for anyone who is interested in taking the ACTs as a junior or senior or who is interested in figuring out whether they prefer the ACTs or the SATs. Since the test covers Geometry and Algebra I, it is recommended that students be enrolled in Geometry or a higher math class at the time they take this test. The ACT is a college entrance examination that is an alternative to the SAT and is growing in popularity among Burlington High School students. Please visit for more detailed PLAN information. All parents of freshmen or sophomores will be sent a registration form in the mail this week. In order to register for the PLAN your son/daughter must complete the registration form and submit it with a $30.00 fee to the Guidance Secretary.  Each student will receive a packet on test content and sample questions when they register.  The regular registration period ends Friday, February 1st at the close of school. We hope you will consider taking advantage of this opportunity. 

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