Monday, February 5, 2018

2018 Scholarship Program

Members of the BHS Guidance Department met with Seniors to give an overview of the Burlington Scholarship Program. Below is a recap of what was covered:

-Use the Naviance list as your main link to all of the scholarships we post. This list also includes a link to the "Scholarship America" site. Check back on this list once a week as new scholarships will continue to be added throughout the next few months. Click on the link for a specific scholarship and read the paragraph description at the middle of the page for eligibility requirements and directions on whether or not you will need to request a transcript. A majority of our local scholarship applications will be posted just after February vacation. 

-On the Scholarship America site, work on answering as many questions on your profile as apply to you, but don't worry about how "complete" your profile is. No one's profile will be 100% complete. You do NOT need to fill out the financial information or request a reference/recommendation. You DO need to request transcript information and parental consent. You MUST have a separate login from your parent in order to receive scholarships. Please click here for a helpful list of guidelines you can follow to ensure you are completing the information correctly

-Keep an eye out for the "Burlington High School General Scholarship" application, which will be posted on Naviance after February vacation. This is another application (like Scholarship America) that will put you in the running for a large number of our local scholarships if you turn it in.

-If any of this is confusing or if you have questions that come up, plan to drop in for one of the before or after school help sessions in the Guidance Conference Room. We will announce these each week through the daily announcements in homeroom. If you don't hear them in homeroom or forget, the announcements are also linked each day on Mr. Sullivan's blog.

Upcoming help sessions are this Friday, 2/9 from 7:00-7:40, next Tuesday, 2/13 from 7:00-7:40, and the Thursday after vacation, 3/1, from 2:00-3:00

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