Monday, October 19, 2009

Grade Point Average ( G.P.A.)

Dear Parents and Students of the Class of 2011 and 2012.

Please be advised that student GPA’s have been updated on your Naviance account. For those that aren’t familiar with the Grade Point Average (GPA) process we have included below the process of how it is computed annually. Colleges and Universities require students to submit G.P.A (along with many other pieces of information) when applying to college (usually in fall of senior year). Please remember that when grades are reported to colleges and universities only FINAL grades are submitted from each year (with the exception of senior year). The cumulative record of final grades is called the, “transcript”. Some colleges and universities also require a Rank, which is simply the ranking of G.P.A's from highest to lowest. Rank is available for the class of 2012.

For parents of the class of 2011, 2012 and 2013 The Guidance Department will be co-hosting a very valuable planning night called “ Gearing up for College” The main presenter will be Mark Montgomery of Montgomery Educational Consulting. More information will soon be following in regard to this event.

Class Rank Computation

A student’s grade point average (GPA) will be based on student performance in all courses having a level designation and graded using the traditional A, B, C, etc. grading system. Rank in class will be a ranking of student GPAs. The GPA will be developed according to a weighted formula. Class rank will be computed annually commencing at the conclusion of sophomore year. Transfer students will not have their G.P.A. included in the class rank unless the transfer student has attended BHS for two full academic years. Furthermore, only courses completed at Burlington High will be utilized in the calculations for class rank and G.P.A.

Letter Grade                      Equivalent Percent                Definition

A+                                       97-100                                      Excellent
A                                         93-96
A-                                       90-92
B+                                       87-89                                        Above Average
B                                         83-86
B-                                        80-82
C+                                      77-79                                         Average
C                                         73-76
C-                                        70-72
D+                                       67-69                                        Below Average
D                                         63-66                                        Passing
D-                                        60-62
E                                          50-59                                        Failure (Make-Up Allowed)
F 49                                     Or Below                                 Failure (No Make Up)

Weight used in levels program to determine rank in class:
Mark         AP/Honors               College Prep I                  College Prep II

A+             4.0                               4.0                                        3.7
A               4.0                                3.7                                       3.5
A-              3.7                               3.5                                        3.3
B+              3.5                               3.3                                        3.0
B                3.3                               3.0                                        2.7
B-               3.0                               2.7                                        2.3
C+              2.7                               2.3                                        2.0
C                2.3                               2.0                                       1.7
C-               2.0                               1.7                                       1.3
D+              1.7                               1.3                                       1.0
D                1.3                               1.0                                        0.7
D-               1.0                               0.7                                        0.3
E                 0.0                               0.0                                        0.0
F                 0.0                               0.0                                        0.0

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