Friday, October 30, 2009

Middlesex Partnership for Youth.

The pressures and challenges students face today are ever increasing. The Burlington High School Guidance staff is seeing more students requiring social/emotional guidance. We are fortunate to have a newly added staff member this year. Mary Clare Hayes, School Psychologist, will be assigned to the high school full time. This is an excellent service that will certainly add to Guidance services offered to the families of Burlington.
Mary Clare attended a conference and is very eager to share the below information with the community.

I went to a conference on bullying and cyber-bullying sponsored by the Middlesex Partnership for Youth. The keynote speaker was Rosalind Wiseman, a well-known author in this field. This little biography comes from her website: "For more than a decade, Rosalind Wiseman has been an internationally recognized expert on teen girls, relational aggression, social justice, and ethical leadership. Her books, Family Circle column, and other writings, are founded on the belief that every person has the responsibility to treat themselves and others with dignity."

I'm passing along the link to her website because it is full of useful information about all kinds of topics that adolescents face. Some of her videos are responses to emails she receives from parents and teenagers.
Mary Clare Hayes
BHS School Psychologist

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