Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New and Improved Naviance!

If you log on to your Naviance account, you will notice that everything is in a new format. Naviance has made the site much more user-friendly and clear. For example, new emails and college visit alerts are much more obvious, and college search information is much more streamlined.

We know this is a change for the seniors, but since Naviance is implementing the new format regardless, the counselors agreed that it was best to go with the new format immediately in order to give seniors plenty of time to become familiar with it. Don't worry. All student data, including college lists, test scores, GPAs, etc. was successfully transferred.

Please use this as an opportunity to log on to your account and update it. Remember your guidance counselors can answer any questions about the new format.

The web address again is http://connection.naviance.com/burlington

(Freshmen, you will be given Naviance accounts during an assembly later on in the year.)

Log on and tell us what you think!

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